DRBA’s Mission: Here at DRBA, our main goal is to develop young athletes into character people. We put an emphasis on attitude and effort as well as player development. We believe that if we get athletes into our programs that have good character the opportunity for growth and development is larger.

Our database: 200+ active players in our databases
500+ total players in our databases

Other databases: 16 total tournaments ranging from 28 to 32 teams ran through the Dubuque Sports Complex each summer.
Independent league plays weeknights along with other leagues throughout the week

What is DRBA? Dusty Rogers Baseball Academy is an all sports training complex that includes baseball and softball. With the addition of the Dubuque Sports Complex we will be adding many other sports that include football, soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, and many more sports and events.

DRBA Facilities: Here at DRBA we have three different facilities that there is the possibility of advertising at.

DRBA: DRBA’s original training facility, located on Hughes Court, is a 6,000 square foot facility that includes one full length cage and four 35 foot cages along with an area that has two pitching tunnels and can be used for strength training.

Advertising Possibilities at DRBA: When you walk through the doors at DRBA you are immediately greeted with a fence that separates the cages from a walking area. The fence runs around the corner and allows for many signs to be placed along it for advertising. Once you get into the open area of the facility there is a empty wall that is prime for advertising! Also within this facility we have a kiosk that scrolls through pictures of DRBA athletes and you would be able to get your companies logo and a ‘Thank You to our Sponsor’ added to the pictures.

DRBA2 is our newest training facility. Located down at the Dubuque Sports Complex it is 10,000 square feet and will house multi-sport training. The main area of the facility is enclosed by a wall to wall net that allows for a lot of opportunities. Along with that we can split the net into three dividers and also have two full length cages at the far end of the facility. One of which our HitTrax Machine resides in. When you walk up stairs we have three pitching tunnels and one full length cage with a divider for our private lessons.

Advertising Possibilities in DRBA2: When you walk in the doors at DRBA2, there is an open area with a reception desk on it that would be prime for advertisement. In the reception area there are also display cases and two walls that would be available for advertisement. Along with that there will also be a kiosk that will scroll through pictures of DRBA athletes and you would be able to get a ‘Thank You to our Sponsors’ picture added in with our athletes. While on the main floor of the facility the top spot is right next to the screen for our HitTrax screen. Along with that we have two 100+ foot long walls that are open for advertising.

Dubuque Sports Complex: If you are from the Dubuque Area the Dubuque Sports Complex is widely known and has a lot of history. The Dubuque Sports Complex is where DRBA2 sits along with five baseball and softball fields. A full concession stand along with a half concession stand on the bottom parts of the complex. There are also many other spots for advertising.

Advertising Possibilities at the Dubuque Sports Complex: With the Dubuque Sports Complex having five fields. All outfield fences are a great place to put your business onto! Fields one and two are at the top of the complex and fields three, four and five are down at the bottom past the bridge. Besides the outfield fences. There are any other great spots! Weather it is a placard on the sidewalk, signs on the back of the dugouts, signs on the trash cans, in the concession stands, or at the table where the gate fee is kept. All the spots are great for advertising your business.